A Leaking Purse Postcard

A Leaking Purse Postcard

The State Savings Bank, Levenworth, Kansas, 1909

For the year 1909, a number of U.S. savings banks each distributed a series of 12 calendar postcards, one for each month of the year, focusing on thrift themes and teachings under topics such as "Plant Wisely" (July), "Vacation Days" (August), and "The Key to Wealth" (November). This card, from the State Savings Bank of Leavenworth, Kansas, was issued for June of 1909 and is on the theme of "A Leaking Purse": " ... It is not what you earn, that counts, but what you save. The healthy bank account is a friend of great possibilities ..."

Subjects: Saving, Money management, Savings banks, Cooperatives, Thrift Collection


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