"Teaching Thrift: A Curriculum" Unit 6: Individual Thrift, Practicing and Preparing for Work

Bernadette McHenry

Institute for American Values, 2016

In Unit 6: Individual Thrift, Practicing and Preparing for Work, students will learn that planning for the future is essential to future success; research and information-gathering is as important to making decisions for the future as it is to academic work; and professionalism is a skill and requires practice.

Content includes: (1) creating a personalized savings plan for future goals; (2) developing skills in professionalism; (3) calculating payoff on investment in regards to career planning; (4) investigating and evaluating post-secondary options, and (5) researching financing and loan options.

The essential questions posed are (1) What are my future goals? (2) Do I have a plan for achieving my future goals? (3) How can I develop a plan for achieving my future goals? and (4) What kind of information do I need to develop my plan?

The following skills will be gained: identifying strategies for personal finance management, explaining the long-term effects of planning personal finances, evaluating methods for financing post-secondary education, analyzing financial decisions regarding major expenses, evaluating criteria for spending in relation to economic climate, analyzing career options based on interests and aptitudes, analyzing the relationship between career options and post-secondary programs, explaining and demonstrate essential workplace skills, evaluating and adjusting time management strategies, analyzing and solving problems using mathematical operations, and using mathematical notation to express procedures and ideas.

Subjects: Curricula, Teaching thrift, Thrift Collection

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Contents of Unit 6: Individual Thrift, Practicing and Preparing for Work



Lesson 6.1 Benefits of Working

Lesson 6.2 Maintaining Work

Lesson 6.3 Choosing a Work Track

Lesson 6.4 Financing your Work Preparation


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