"Teaching Thrift: A Curriculum" Unit 5: Generosity

Bernadette McHenry

Institute for American Values, 2016

In Unit 5: Generosity, students will gain the following enduring understandings: (1) Generosity is best applied as stewardship, conservation, and community investment; (2) Individual generosity engenders trust and responsibility; (3) Individual decisions can impact the local community, the national economy, and the global environment; (4) Individuals have a responsibility to the community, nation, and environment; (5) Creativity and scientific research are essential to forming sustainable solutions to local, national, and environmental issues.

Content is derived from: historical understanding of the stewardship of wealth, personal responsibility to community and environment, causes of environmental conservation, and conflicts and conciliations between economy and environmental conservation.

The essential questions asked are: (1) What is thrift's interpretation of generosity and how is it different from charity? (2) What challenges are faced by your community, nation, and the planet? (3) What responsibility does an individual have to his or her community, nation, or to the planet? (4) How do individual actions impact the future? (5) How do consumer decisions affect the local or national economy? (6) How do consumer, business, or government decisions affect the environment?

Students will gain the following skills: identify and evaluate issues in the local community, create sustainable solutions to local issues, apply planning skills to local issues, identify sources of economic and ecological waste, evaluate the sources of waste, explain the impact of humans on ecology, research solutions to ecological problems caused by humans, and apply planning skills to ecological problems.

Subjects: Curricula, Teaching thrift, Thrift Collection

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Contents of Unit 5: Generosity



Lesson 5.1 What Is Generosity?

Lesson 5.2 Generosity in American Tradition

Lesson 5.3 Contemporary Connections

Lesson 5.4 Personal Application of Generosity as Trust

Lesson 5.5 Thrift and Environmental Conservation



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