Social Media, Grieving and Cyber-Bullies

Rebecca C. Morgan, Law Professor Blogs Network/Elder Law Prof Blog, 8/25/2013

Following up my earlier blog post about social media and dying, the Huffington Post ran a blog on Cyberbullies and Grief written by Reverend Amy Ziettlow and Professor Naomi Cahn, who tweet on topics such as grief, digital estate planning and dying. Citing a recent Chicago Tribune article, the blog discusses RIP Trolling, which they explain is "when anonymous Internet users post offensive comments on Facebook profiles and other digital sites related to the deceased." RIP Trolls was a new phrase for me and a link in the Ziettlow and Cahn blog took me to a 2011 article by Rebecca Greenfield in the Atlantic Wire, titled "RIP Trolling as Social Critique." There is also a mention of a study from last year by the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, an article on which is forthcoming.

Subjects: Death/dying, Family


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