Information for Those Who Would Remove to America (excerpt)

Benjamin Franklin


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Much less is it adviseable for a Person to go thither who has no other Quality to recommend him but his Birth. In Europe it has indeed its Value, but it is a Commodity that cannot be carried to a worse Market than that of America, where People do not inquire concerning a Stranger, What is he? but, What can he do? If he has any useful Art, he is welcome; and if he exercises it and behaves well, he will be respected by all that know him; but a mere Man of Quality, who on that Account wants to live upon the Public, by some Office or Salary, will be despis'd and disregarded.

Full text available online at: Source: The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, vol. 39, January 21 through May 15, 1783. ed. Ellen R. Cohn. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009.


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