National Thrift Week 2012

National Thrift Week 2012


National Thrift Week is a public education campaign from January 17-23. It seeks to bring together a broad coalition of citizen leaders who share an appreciation of thrift as the wise use of resources and a conviction that thrift is the friend of sustainable prosperity, broad economic opportunity, beautiful neighborhoods, and a healthy planet. A once-vibrant American social movement that started in 1916, National Thrift Week is both old and new.

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National Thrift Week 2012 in Review

Why Thrift Matters: Thrift Week 2012, Philadelphia

A Conversation on "A Thriftier Philadelphia" hosted by David Blankenhorn and featuring the release of "Why Thrift Matters," the first U.S. thrift index. Lunch keynote address by Jeremy Nowak, President and CEO, William Penn Foundation and Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Why Thrift Matters: How Thrifty Are Americans? The Thrift Quiz and Thrift Index

Why Thrift Matters: 20 Propositions

What is your thrift knowledge?

Take the thrift quiz and see how you and a representative sample of your fellow americans did.


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