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Marriage, Gay Marriage, and the Catholic Tradition – with Joseph Bottum and Charles Reid, Jr.

Why did two prominent Catholic intellectuals change their minds on gay marriage? And what does that mean for the future of marriage?

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Joseph (Jody) Bottom is an editor, speaker, and best-selling author. His most recent book is An Anxious Age: The Post-Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of America. His August 2013 essay in Commonweal – "The Things We Share: A Catholic's Case for Same-Sex Marriage" – was an immediate sensation. He lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Charles Reid, Jr. is a professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. He is a prolific author of scholarly works related to marriage and marriage history as well as a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post. One of his recent law review articles is "The Devil Comes to Kansas: A Story of Free Love, Sexual Privacy, and the Law."

This conversation took place in New York City on February 5, 2014.


Institute for American Values, 420 Lexington Avenue, Room 300, New York, NY 10170-0399