Gambling opponents smash slot machine outside Capitol

Kyle Hughes, The Saratogian , 10/15/2013

Anti-casino activists took turns Tuesday smashing a slot machine with a sledge hammer outside the Capitol, saying Proposition 1 to open seven new gambling casinos upstate will victimize the poor and problem gamblers. "It felt great," said David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values, a think tank in NYC. "I've wanted to do this for a long time"... The group released a report titled "Why Casinos Matter: 31 Evidence-Based Propositions from the Health and Social Sciences." The report is available at The first of the 31 propositions is "Casino gambling has moved from the margins to the mainstream of American life," and the last is "Encouraging legal gambling as a fun entertainment and an all-American pastime is a historically new development." In between, the report says state sponsorships of casinos breed inequality and communities and neighboring businesses typically are weakened when a casino opens nearby.

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