Casino supporters fail to sway a skeptical audience

Jon Harris, Press & Sun-Bulletin, 10/16/2013

Gambling supporters, engaging in a vigorous Oxford-style debate against opponents inside Syracuse University's Maxwell Auditorium, failed to convince the crowd that New York would benefit by expanding games of chance statewide... "Problem gambling is an epidemic in America," said Shafer, chairperson of the coalition. "For a dire condition like problem gambling, the goal should be eradication." Adding four upstate casinos, Shafer [said], would do the opposite. And the economic benefits of those casinos are suspect, according to Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values. "The main reasons casinos don't contribute to economic growth is they don't produce anything," he said. "The only thing that happens in casinos is people lose their money."

Subjects: Gambling, Casinos, New York, Slot Machines


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