NY casino foes smash slot machine in protest

Micheal Gormley, Seattle Post Intelligencer, 10/15/2013

Members of the nonprofit think tank Institute for American Values, the Coalition Against Gambling in New York and other anti-gambling activists took turns with a sledgehammer whacking a slot machine in front of the state Capitol. They oppose a Nov. 5 voter referendum that would authorize Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan for seven Las Vegas-style casinos, the first four of which would be located upstate. "This is not a stunt. This is an effort to try to get our argument out," said David Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values. "There has not been a single public hearing. Governor Cuomo has not given a single significant speech ... so there has been a misleading and a confusing set of arguments coming from the pro-casino side."

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