Conversations with David Blankenhorn

Can We Get Beyond the Marriage Culture Wars? — with Jonathan Haidt

David talks with Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind and a supporter of our "Call for a New Conversation on Marriage."

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Jonathan Haidt is a professor at New York University Stern School of Business. For 16 years he taught psychology at the University of Virginia. His research focuses on the psychological bases of morality across different cultures and political ideologies. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992. He was awarded the Templeton Prize in Positive Psychology in 2001. His book The Happiness Hypothesis examines ten "great ideas" dating from antiquity and their continued relevance to the happy life. Part of his research focused on the emotion of elevation. His latest book The Righteous Mind is about how moral psychology illuminates perennial divisions in politics and religion.

David and Jonathan's conversation was recorded in New York City at the Center for Public Conversation on March 5, 2013.


Institute for American Values, 420 Lexington Avenue, Room 300, New York, NY 10170-0399