The Science of Divorce

Bruce Hartung, Blogs By Lutherans, 1/31/2013

But, every once in a while something or somebody comes along in the church and points to actual research that most clearly indicates the ongoing challenge to the direction of American culture and marriage/divorce/cohabitation values. But there is a lot going on in the behavior sciences research world, and a lot of interaction with the religious community that, if our church workers are not connecting to it, leaves us pretty much out of the proverbial loop. Kudos to Marty Marty for seeing some of this and wondering if the changes document might be some of the cause of the decline of institutional religion... The January 21 edition of Sightings at the Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion features a brief article by Marty himself titled "Divorce's Toll." Marty cites, among others, Peter Wehner's article "America's Exodus from Marriage" in Commentary magazine (January 17, 2013), Manya Brachear's article "Researchers: Even Amicable Divorces Take Toll on Children and their Religious Attitudes" in The Chicago Tribune (January 13, 2013, requires subscription to view online), and the Elizabeth Marquardt report, Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith? Calling the Churches to Confront the Impact of Family Change (2013). Two of Marty's musings: From Marquardt: "The authors argue that much of the often-noted decline in the mainline churches results from the changes in the family resulting in divorce"...

Subjects: Divorce, Marriage, Family, Children of divorce


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