Does Championing Marriage Exclude Single Parents?

KJ Dell'Antonia, New York Times, 1/29/2013

That rising income inequality is a likely driver for many of the risk factors for children in single-parent households. The "Call for a New Conversation" echoes that concern: "We propose a new conversation that re-establishes the link between marriage and money, the nest and the nest egg. What economic policies strengthen marriage? What marriage policies create wealth?" ... Any new conversation sounds promising, particularly when it's offered up as part of what appears to be a centrist coalition in extremely divisive political times. But what we need most is to find a way to talk about strengthening families without excluding families. Strengthening marriages may be one way to create a better structure for raising children – but marriage is far from the only structure we need.

Subjects: Marriage law, Marriage, Family, What is marriage?


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