Facets of Faith for Jan. 19, 2013

Leila Pitchford-English, The Advocate, 1/19/2013

Does divorce affect the religion of children, and if so, how much? The Institute for American Values explores the issue in "Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith?" a report released Wednesday... In the report's summary, the authors say, "We have learned that when children of divorce reach adulthood, compared to those who grew up in intact families, they feel less religious on the whole and are less likely to be involved in the regular practice of a faith." For numbers, the authors quote a study showing more people from married-parent families than children from divorced families consider themselves religious (two-thirds to one-half). The study shows similar numbers for attending religious services: More than a third of children from married families versus a quarter from divorced families.

Subjects: Marriage, Divorce, Children of divorce


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