Faith and Family (After Divorce)

Anna Williams, First Things First Thoughts, 1/17/2013

A new report from the Institute for American Values explores the complicated ways in which a child's family structure, particularly the experience of parents' divorce, can affect his or her religious practices as an adult. Coauthors Elizabeth Marquardt, Amy Ziettlow, and Charles E. Stokes emphasize the significance of their findings and recommendations on the Washington Post's "Guest Voices" blog:

Numerous studies are now revealing that children of divorce overall are less religious when they grow up, with clear implications for the vitality of the churches... Given that about one in four of today's young adults are grown children of divorce, and that more than 40 percent of American children are now born outside of marriage, how these younger generations approach questions of spiritual meaning and religious involvement will influence broader trends in the churches for years to come.

Subjects: Marriage, Divorce, Children of divorce


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