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Government Can't Save Marriage!

Steve Fair

Stillwater (OK) News Press, 10/03/2015 - Divorce, Marriage...It is a well-known fact that unstable families and divorce cost taxpayers. According to a [strong]2008 Institute for American Values study,[/strong] increasing family stability by even 1 percent can r...

Fourteen scholars and opinion leaders react to "The President's Marriage Agenda for the Forgotten Sixty Percent"

FamilyScholars, 2012 - Marriage...Symposium Participants Wecome: Amy Ziettlow Can the President Have a Marriage Agenda without Talking about What Marriage Is?, Ryan Anderson, Fellow in Religion and a Free Society at The Herit...

Are Women Easy Bake Ovens?

Elizabeth Marquardt and Jennifer Lahl

Huffington Post, 10/26/2012 - Family, Donor conception...The New Normal, a sitcom that debuted on NBC this fall, features a gay couple deciding to have a child. They settle upon using an egg donor and a surrogate mother, the latter described cheerfully by a...

Are Casinos Like Cocaine for the Brain?

Are Casinos Like Cocaine for the Brain?

Panel Discussions

2012 - Casinos, Gambling..."Coke and gambling do the same thing in the brain," according to Harvard neuroscientist HANS BREITER, one of the nation's leading researchers on the reward circuitry in the brain. Breiter's experiment...

The <strong>Taxpayer</strong> Costs of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing:

The Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing: First-Ever Estimates for the Nation and All Fifty States

Benjamin Scafidi

Institute for American Values, 2008 - Marriage, Divorce - 44 pages...Additional Information Press Release (pdf file, 1 page) Executive Summary (pdf file, 2 pages) Executive Summary in French (pdf file, 2 pages) Fact Sheet (pdf file, 2 pages) Frequently Asked...

The Revolution in Parenthood:

The Revolution in Parenthood: The Emerging Global Clash Between Adult Rights and Children's Needs

Elizabeth Marquardt

Institute for American Values, 2006 - Family, Parenthood - 44 pages...Executive Summary Executive Summary Lire "Revolution de la filiation" (French translation) Lire Sommaire Exécutif Press Release Around the world, the two-person, mother-father mo...

Can Government Strengthen Marriage?

Can Government Strengthen Marriage? Evidence from the Social Sciences


Institute for American Values, 2004 - Family policy, Family, Marriage - 36 pages...Executive Summary A growing consensus of family scholars confirms that marriage matters: Both adults and children are better off living in communities where more children are raised by their own ...

The Experts' Story of Courtship

The Experts' Story of Courtship

Dan Cere

Institute for American Values, 2000 - What is marriage?, Courtship, Marriage - 40 pagesExecutive Summary

The Marriage Movement:

The Marriage Movement: A Statement of Principles


Institute for American Values, 2000 - Marriage - 36 pages...Full Report Why We Come Together We come together as supporters of something new: a grass-roots movement to strengthen marriage. We come together to give public voice and direction to this new...

The Age of Unwed Mothers:

The Age of Unwed Mothers: Is Teen Pregnancy the Problem?

Maggie Gallagher

Institute for American Values, 1999 - Family, Family structure, Motherhood, Marriage - 60 pages...Full Report Executive Summary Why have three decades of intensive national effort to reduce teen pregnancy not been more successful? Largely because for three decades, we have framed the problem...

Pay, Papa, Pay

David Blankenhorn

National Review, 04/03/1995 - Family, Fatherhood...The deadbeat dad is the reigning villain of our contemporary fatherhood script. His visage, framed by a "Wanted" poster, makes the cover of Newsweek: "Deadbeat Dads: Wanted for Failure to Pay Child Su...


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